Southfield Medical Practice


There is ample car parking with disabled parking. The Surgery is fully accessible for the disabled.


To make an appointment, telephone 0131 549 7340 between 08.00 and 17.45 hours. We offer a full range of appointment times. Urgent cases will be seen the same day.  Patients with non-urgent needs will be offered the first available appointment with the doctor of their choice.  It is very important to let us know if you are unable to keep an appointment.  Please CANCEL IN PLENTY OF TIME so we are able to re-allocate the appointment.

If you wish to speak to a doctor or nurse, please telephone between 11.15 and 12.00.




Nursing Appointments

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm by appointment

Depending on why you want an appointment you will either come to see the Practice Nurse or Phlebotomist.  You will be asked why you want an appointment by the reception staff to ensure we give you the correct nurse.

Services include:

  • Well Woman and Well Man Checks
  • New Patient Registration
  • Cervical Smears
  • Travel Vaccinations Clinic (please arrange at least a month before travel)
  • Health Promotion
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Blood Pressure Checks
  • Venepuncture (Blood Tests)
  • Contraceptive Services (order prescription 3 days prior)
  • Wart Clinic (1 clinic per month)
  • Dressings
  • Immunisations



Test Results

Telephone between 2pm and 5pm for results.  Please allow 7 days for results (except for  Warfarin). 

Specimens should be handed in before 11am to ensure they are able to be sent away the same day.

Repeat Prescribing

Around 75% of the prescriptions your doctor issues are for long term or medium term conditions and are known as "repeat prescriptions".

As patients' medical conditions change or improve then so will the medication that they require.

It is, therefore, very important that Doctors' Surgeries have an effective system in place for providing repeat prescriptions to patients and for monitoring the drugs that their patients are taking.

We pride ourselves on the system that we have in place but welcome suggestions or comments.

Please contact the Practice Manager should you have any concerns.


How do you order your repeat prescriptions


  • Along with your prescription, you will receive an attached "order form" which you should keep safely until such a time as you need to re-order.
  • When your drugs begin to run low, complete the re-order form ticking only the drugs that you require, making sure that you indicate where you would like the prescription to go (i.e which chemist, collect from the Surgery etc) and hand this into Surgery.
  • If the drugs that you require are not on the re-order form then these drugs are not on your medical records as a "repeat". In this case write the name of the drug that you require on a piece of paper with your name and address and your Doctor will check to ensure that this medication is appropriate for you. You may be required to come into the Surgery to see your Doctor if the medication is one that you do not normally receive.

When your form is completed

  • Hand the form into the Surgery at Reception
  • Post the form to the Surgery either by hand through the letterbox or via the post.
  • Please allow two working days for the Surgery to produce your prescription
  • Collect your prescription from either the Surgery or the chemist along with your request slip for next time.


Help us to help you

  • Think in advance
  • Order your medicines one week before you need them.
  • Never run out of medicines
  • If there is a medicine listed on the request slip that you no longer take please tell the Surgery
  • Only order the medicines that you need





This ensures that the Doctors have had time to sign the script.   This system may appear bureaucratic but please remember that it is not just your repeat prescription that we are dealing with.   We receive hundreds of requests each week for repeat medicines and we need to ensure that we can provide each patient with an equitable service.

Review of your medicines


For those patients on regular medicines, their drugs will be reviewed at least annually.  Sometimes the Doctor will want to see you personally to carry out this review and you will be asked to attend Surgery.  Don't be alarmed, this is just part of the review process.

If you have any questions or concerns please speak to the Reception Staff, the Practice Manager or your Doctor.

Home Visits

Home visits by a doctor are done in the early afternoon.  Please phone to request a home visit between 8.30am and 10.30am. 

3 Patients can be seen in the surgery for every home visit, so please attend the surgery if you possibly can.  If appropriate, the receptionist will arrange for a doctor to phone you or see you urgently in the surgery. Lack of transport is not a reason for requesting a Home Visit.

Out of Hours

When the surgery is closed please phone NHS 24 on
Where a member or their staff will make sure your problems are dealt with appropriately.  We close on a Wednesday between 1pm and 2pm for staff  training.  Please phone 0131 549 7340, you will be given a mobile number to telephone in the case of an emergency.  Please have a pen and paper ready to note which number to telephone.

Children - Consent to Treatment

Children under 16 can give their own consent if the practitioner attending the child considers the child capable of understanding the nature and possible consequences of the procedure or treatment  If the child is judged capable, the practitioner must seek the consent of the child rather than of the parent.  Where a child is judged incapable of consenting, consent should normally be obtained from a person with parental responsibilities and rights, or one of the other categories of person listed  in our Leaflet which can be obtained from reception:




Private Fees

Although this is an NHS Practice, some of the services that we can provide are chargeable.  Please ask for the Fee information sheet which contains information about services which are not classified as NHS services and therefore a fee would be payable by the patient

Extended Surgery Times

As a Practice we have decided to hold surgeries outwith normal opening times.  It is now possible for patients to access their GP during hours outwith 8am and 6pm.  These appointments are pre-bookable in advance and surgeries are held from 7.30am and 8am on a Monday morning.  Please ask at reception for an appointment during these times as it is not possible to access the surgery at these times unless you have pre-booked your appointment.  The receptionist will tell you which days are available.

Medical Students

You may be asked if you would agree to having a medical student sit in on your consultation.  This is an important part of their training and we hope you will agree to this.  We also have Student led surgeries where the consultation is done by the student but a GP will be in attendance and you will be notified in advance if this is the case.