Southfield Medical Practice

Patients' Rights And Responsibilities
Your rights:
Receive treatment from a general practitioner (GP services).
Have your treatment explained to you.
Refuse to be treated in front of students or to be involved in medical trials.
Have a relative or friend with you.
Have a chaperone, for example when you are having an intimate examination, we will try to arrange this for you.
Have access to an interpreter or signer.
Have access to emergency medical care.
Complain without discrimination.
Receive treatment regardless of your race, gender, age, social class, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, disability or medical condition.
Have access to your medical records under the Access to Medical Records Act of 1990. You must apply in writing to the Practice Manager.
Your responsibilities:
Be on time for appointments.
Tell the surgery or clinic if you cannot keep an appointment.
Tell your GP or any hospital you are attending if you move home or change your telephone number.
Use emergency services responsibly.
Treat healthcare staff politely.

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