Southfield Medical Practice

District Nurses

Our District Nurses are Julie McGhie, Anne Milne, Wendy Rogers and Auxiliary Nurse Margaret Mason.

Services for patients who are housebound and unable to attend the surgery include:

  • Diabetic management
  • Wound management
  • Care of the dying
  • Continence promotion
  • Provision of equipment.

If you want to contact a District Nurse, please telephone:-

0131 549 7360

A message can be left on the answer machine.

Health Visitor

The Health Visitor, Lucy Harkins, is available by telephoning:-

0131 549 7351

Baby Clinic - arranged by appointment with Staff Nurse.

Community Midwife

Lyndsey Good                 RM, RGN

During pregnancy your antenatal care will be shared between your GP and the Community Midwife attached to this Practice.  The Midwife antenatal clinic is held on a Tuesday between 9.30 and 11.30, please phone the surgery to make appointments.  You and your partner will be invited to attend antenatal education classes, these are usually held at the Leith CTC.

Community Psychiatric Nurse

Evelyn Henderson       CPN

The CPN has a clinic on a Thursday morning.  Patients are referred for appointments and the CPN arranges these herself.  To see the CPN in the first instance you must be referred by your GP.

Community Dietician

The Community Dietician has a clinic on a Friday morning once a month.  Your GP will refer you to the Dietician in the first instance and an appointment will be made for you (this appointment may be at Leith CTC).