Southfield Medical Practice
** Community Link Worker **
Elaine will support patients
to identify the non-medical
problems that are impacting
negatively on their lives.
Recognising many issues cannot
be resolved by medication, the
Link Worker’s role is to support
patients to discover and access
other resources and services
that can help them within their
communities. Community Link
Workers are aware of the
organisations and services
available locally.

The Community Link Worker plays an
important role in strengthening
the relationship between
community projects and GP
surgeries and ensuring that the
full range of support on offer
is available to patients.”
Appointments to see Elaine
at Southfield Medical Practice can be made by
contacting your GP or Practice Nurse. GP’s and the Practice Nurse may refer
patients for support for a wide
variety of issues such as low
mood, anxiety, social isolation,
housing, adult learning or
financial difficulties.
Elaine has already been involved with a number of organisations including Bingham over 50’s, Community renewal and the Forth Sector. Helping to build relationships awareness of these services in the local community

“Recognising that
people’s health is determined
primarily by a range of social,
economic and environmental
factors, my role as a Community
Link Worker looks to address
people’s needs using community based
groups and services. I aim
to support individuals to take
greater control of their own
health and wellbeing and reduce
reliance on GP services.”

Alison Leitch
If you require any further
information on the Community
Link Worker support service
please contact a member of
staff at
Southfield on 0131 5497340.

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